The “Alternatives Issue,” Now Out from Investments & Wealth Monitor

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Investments Wealth Monitor

‘What was once nontraditional is now mainstream,’ says Editorial Board Chair David Koulish, CPWA. ‘Our authors attempt to answer many common questions about alts, including definitions, risk and return tradeoffs, liquidity, and portfolio implementation.’

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 30, 2014

Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA®) dedicates the July/August edition of Investments Wealth Monitor to the hot topic of alternative investments, with deep dives into the latest trends from scholars and practitioners.

Articles in the issue, released this week, examine topics including master limited partnerships, global infrastructure funds, managed futures, and diversification in the post bond-boom market. The entire issue is available online, free at

Author Verne Sedlacek, president and chief executive officer of Commonfund, explores the issue of alternatives in his article “Alternative Investments: Past, Present, and Future.”

“Alternatives have become the traditional. They were truly alternative in decades past but have now entered the mainstream,” he writes. “Alternative investment strategies are included in a portfolio to enhance returns, reduce risk, or both.”

And alternatives are flexing some muscle, writes Christopher Maxey, a portfolio manager of alternative investments at Fortigent LLC, in his piece “Alternative Strategy Mutual Funds: Opportunity or Mirage?”

“Alternative offerings are one of the few growth engines in the mutual fund universe,” he writes. “By some estimates, alternative mutual funds will grow to represent 13 percent of mutual fund assets by 2015, up from 6 percent at the end of 2010.”

Even the once-rare master limited partnership (MLP) investment is becoming mainstream and an important component of a diversified portfolio, writes Capital Innovations LLC founder and Chief Investment Officer Michael Underhill in his article “Master Limited Partnership Investing: A Case for MLPs as a Core Allocation in Your Portfolio.”

“Master limited partnership investing once was considered to be in the alternative investing realm, but it’s become mainstream because of increasing demand for assets offering stable income and growth potential,” Underhill writes. “MLPs are the exchange-traded securities of real businesses, with real assets, that generate real cash flow.”

Other articles in the July/August edition of Investments Wealth Monitor include “Rethinking Diversification in a Post Bond-Boom Market,” “Smart Beta: The Second Generation of Index Investing,” “Alternatives … Compared to What?” “Managed Futures: Cyclical Trough or Structural Impairment? Analysis and Proposed Solutions,” “The Brave, New World of Operational Due Diligence: Responding to a Regulated and Institutional Alternative Asset Industry,” “Thoughts on Endowment Investing in the 21st Century,” and “Global Infrastructure Funds.”

David Koulish, CPWA®, chairs the Investments Wealth Monitor editorial advisory board and notes the issue taps into a growing need to study investments that go beyond long-only equity, fixed income, and cash management to include hedge funds, private equity, real assets, commodities, and structured products.

“Many in the industry would argue … that what was once nontraditional is now mainstream,” he writes in his editor’s note. “Our authors attempt to answer many common questions about alts, including definitions, risk and return tradeoffs, liquidity, and portfolio implementation … Not bad for a beach read.”

Investments Wealth Monitor is published six times a year and reaches some 9,400 IMCA members. The most current issue is always available for free on the website.


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