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It’s eight hours 34 minutes before we hit that fiscal cliff that work.

Tech stocks right now — putting that aside for two seconds here with — black scotches Beverly Hills wealth management founder and CEO.

She just said she feels that you should have Costco issued a target you — of Wal-Mart in — now let’s go to another name that you say is a great US play on what might have stayed.

in in the — growing yes and that’s Starbucks Starbucks a great American company everybody needs a good cup of coffee.

In China there’s only one stop hunts for every one point nine million inhabitants can you believe that what we have one basic and every — so this tremendous opportunity today.

You’ve got the coffee — they excuse me the T grows in China a lot of them announced switching to — Because — Starbucks so that’s a double play for you.

But we like Starbucks a lot he again it’s an — I think the Chinese don’t even know what — the chain of tasteless we like — time that Boe might argue they will absolutely find out and look at China now — to pharma companies as I move on what do you think are the big names here because we’re all getting older we all need more medicine.

We do and we’re going to be buying I think I modifies.


And Bristol — those of the two picks that we have Pfizer is around.

2425 dollars and — personalized about 31.

And they have in common a new blood — drug called Al quits and everyone’s very very excited about that — developed it.

And Pfizer will be marketing — so we think — huge opportunity that.

All of the stock so we talked about today — have got options against some two.

So it’s another way in a do nothing market not that today is — do nothing market that you can generate additional income.

By selling some covered calls against them.

Good advice Mac go on this December 31 to 2012 happy new year to you — you — due to — that and that blacks got Beverly Hills wealth management founder and CEO.


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